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Carolina Guerra Ojeda


I have a degree in Psychology, teacher in education Course in Mental Health and Diploma in Sign Language.

I had been a teacher of children with diagnosis of ASD (autism spectrum disorder); Therapist incharge of the early intervention group, Support teacher for a child with a diagnosis of Generalized Developmental Disorder, Artistic and Didactic workshops in Children and Adolescents with Disabilities Physical and Mental.

Diploma Make art by speaking with your hands, Course in FAMILY, structure, symptom and transcendence; Courses in Sexuality in adolescence, Sexuality in the elderly Workshop on psychological interventions, Investing in mental health. CESAM, 2018: 1,2,3 by the numbers, Children discover written language, Works by projects.

My reason of existence is to teach my student to learn in a fun way but mainly to be adults who will know how to regulate their emotions in order to become a better human bean.